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What is a Life Cycle Lawyer?

A Life Cycle Lawyer does not focus on just one area of practice rather they guide you through every stage of life, from preparing an estate plan to finding long-term care. This means you only have to call one lawyer to assist you with all legal challenges.

We offer a variety of legal services to fit your needs and current stage of life. Our attorneys have years of experience and can assist you with starting a business, closing on a house, protecting your investments, finding quality long term care, and more.

If you are unsure what kind of help you need, simple reach out and give us a call.

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Our Process
  1. We'll schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and needs.
  2. Take necessary next steps to make sure we have all the information we need to start preparing documents.
  3. Together we will review drafts of all documents and make changes as required.
  4. If necessary, We will act as a liaison with the other lawyers or relevant parties on your behalf to finalize documents.
  5. Provide you with support identifying the important terms and conditions of all documents before execution.
  6. Ensure that the process is wrapped up smoothly and provide official copies of all documents.